Visit Our Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Close to Murrieta, CA

Accurate pet lab tests are vital to keep your pet healthy. When you’re looking for a vet lab near me, you can count on our fully equipped veterinary laboratory to give you fast, accurate results. Our veterinarians can then create a personalized treatment plan to give your pet the best chance of a successful outcome.

The lab techs at our radiology diagnostics center will perform tests while you wait. We offer the following onsite pet lab tests near Murrieta, CA:

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Murrieta CA

Radiology Diagnostics

SoCal Pet Hospital Xray Room in Murrieta CA

Digital X-ray

Our veterinary laboratory uses digital x-rays to provide advanced imaging to diagnose your pet’s condition. Our radiology diagnostics center close to Murrieta, CA, can diagnose various medical conditions by examining your pet’s organs and urinary, cardiopulmonary, reproductive, and gastrointestinal systems. Digital x-rays are non-invasive procedures that allow our veterinarians to examine your pet’s internal organs to ensure a long, healthy life.

SoCal Pet Hospital Ultrasound Room in Murrieta CA