Dental Procedures & Canine Teeth Cleaning in Murrieta CA

The Importance of Dental Care

Unlike when you go to the dentist, to get the best evaluation and dental care, our pets need to be anesthetized during their dental procedure. Anesthesia is necessary because it allows your pet to be still so your vet can conduct a thorough examination of the whole oral cavity (including below the gumline), and fully and safely clean your pet’s teeth.

This also ensures a safe and comfortable experience for your pet by reducing their level of anxiety, stress, and pain. In addition, it protects their airway from any water or debris caused by scaling away the dental plaque and tartar that finds its way down into your pet’s lungs during the procedure.

Expect to drop your pet off at the veterinary clinic early to get them settled in and have their pre-anesthesia exam.  We do offer digital dental X-Rays.

Canine Teeth Cleaning Murrieta CA