Dental Procedures & Canine Teeth Cleaning in Murrieta CA

The Importance of Dental Care

When pets visit us for veterinary dental care, we often need to use anesthetics to ensure smooth dental care services for pets close to Murrieta, CA. Using anesthesia for canine teeth cleaning ensures your pet remains still for a thorough examination. It also allows our team to safely and efficiently clean your dog’s teeth for proper pet dental health.

Dog oral care is completed in a safe, comfortable environment, reducing your dog’s stress, anxiety, and pain. Anesthesia also prevents water and other dental debris, such as plaque or tartar, from entering your pet’s lungs, causing severe consequences.

Anesthesia during dental care services for pets requires bringing your pet to our clinic early for a pre-anesthesia exam and digital x-rays.

Canine Teeth Cleaning Murrieta CA