Canine Reproduction in Murrieta CA

Our canine reproduction services near Murrieta, CA, benefit breeders and ensure well-bred dogs.

When you’re looking for canine fertility services near me, you can count on our canine reproductive specialists close to Murrieta, CA, to be your partner in your breeding program. We are committed to helping you produce healthy puppies with the best canine reproduction services. We work with breeders aiming for show dogs, performance dogs, and family pets, keeping whelping boxes full of happy dams and healthy pups. We ensure your stud dogs thrive as well.

Breeding Your Dog

Our veterinarians recognize the financial investment and commitment required to breeding pets. Whether you are starting out or have experience as a breeder, you can work with our canine artificial breeding services to guarantee results. We ensure you and your animals have a stress-free breeding experience.

We aim for successful conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a trouble-free birth.

Canine Reproduction Service Murrieta CA

Our Candine Reproduction Services Near Murrieta, CA

Our canine reproductive specialists are trained and experienced in various breeding issues. We guide breeders to help them choose proven techniques using advanced technology to meet their dog’s unique reproductive needs, including artificial & surgical insemination for canines.

Breeding Timing By Progesterone

Artificial dog insemination requires appropriate timing for insemination. The cost includes progesterone testing to identify the correct time to complete artificial and surgical insemination for canines. We used an advanced progesterone machine to guarantee accurate results.

Optimal timing is essential to ensure breeding is successful. We consider various factors, including semen preparation, the female’s cycles, and her reproductive history. Our equipment is accurately calibrated for progesterone testing, giving you the results the same day. We operate Monday through Friday for canine fertility services.

Canine Artificial Breeding Services Murrieta CA

We perform artificial dog insemination with various techniques to ensure success based on the semen type used, the female’s age and cycle, and the semen value.

Vaginal artificial inseminations may be performed in the standing bitch once she ovulates. We can perform vaginal artificial inseminations with fresh or chilled semen.

Transcervical inseminations may be performed in the standing bitch. Transcervical insemination also known as TCI can be performed with fresh, chilled or frozen semen. TCI utilizes a scope to pass a catheter through the cervix and deposit the semen into the uterine lumen. TCI may be combined with other types of insemination to maximize coverage during the fertile period.

Surgical insemination is an anesthetic surgical procedure so it has risks not associated with other types of insemination techniques. Surgical insemination may be performed with fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Surgical insemination may be combined with other breeding techniques for additional inseminations but a repeat surgical insemination is not performed during the same heat cycle.

Semen Services

Semen collections are performed in-house and most male dogs are easily
collected at our hospital. Once the male is collected our staff will be able to perform a semen analysis and evaluation.

Artificial Dog Insemination Murrieta CA
  • Semen quality – motility and speed
  • Sperm morphology (what they look like)
  • Sperm count
  • A semen evaluation certificate is provided
  • Any concerns with the semen are discussed at the time of the evaluation and recommendations for further work-up or therapy will be made
  • Samples are collected, evaluated, chilled and packaged with extender and shipping container
  • Semen is shipped overnight and will arrive the next day when shipped priority overnight (shipping fees will vary depending on destination)
  • Contact our office at 951-942-2042 if you are planning to ship semen as we have cut off times to get the package delivered the next day.